Phaser 3 Release

In just a few short days, Phaser 3 will officially be released (Feb. 12th)! If you are not familiar with Phaser, it is a desktop and mobile HTML5 game framework that is written in JavaScript. The framework is easy to use, free, and completely open source.

Phaser 3 has been in continuous development since October 2016, and it has undergone a lot of changes since then. While waiting for the new version to be released, the developers has regularly been releasing beta builds of the framework, so it has been interesting to watch how it has changed. The API has undergone a lot of changes, and everything has been rewritten since version 2.

You can find lots of examples on the new API here:

There are a variety of ways on how you can get started using Phaser 3, but my favorite is the webpack template that they made ( The template will automatically grab the latest version of Phaser, and it has live reload so it is easy to test your game changes as you build it.

I have been spending more time with the latest beta, and I can’t wait for the official version to come out in just a few days. Once it is released, I am hoping to release some more most posts on it here.

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