Looking Back At 2015

We are fast approaching the end of this year, and I just wanted to thank everyone that has stopped by and read some of my posts. This was my 1st year of maintaining a blog, and what a learning experience it has been.

Initially, I started this blog as a way to share what I had learned on AEM, and I was able to share a lot of information. However, with a career change, and not knowing how popular some of the posts where going to be, I had to start allocating time for comments, and time to improve general design of my blog.

After my career change, I was finding it hard to have time to share content just on AEM. So, I decided to switch gears and have my blog focus on a variety of developer topics, that way I could include any content that I was working on, and share that information with all of you.

Overall, I have enjoyed sharing what I have learned, and I hope you all have enjoyed the content. I look forward to sharing even more content with everyone next year.

I wish you all have a happy new year, and if you have any comments, please share them below!