LiveEngage Best Practice - Multitasking With Hot Keys

One of the main things that I usually hear from agents is that they are always multitasking and that they are looking for ways to be more efficient when they are chatting, so they can provide the best experience possible to the customers that they are chatting with. My response to the client is, “Are you utilizing the hot keys that are available in LiveEngage?”

Hot keys are shortcuts that are available to you in LiveEngage that you can use to easily move between tasks such taking a chat, changing your status, or even viewing the visitor list.

What Are The Hot Keys?

When you are in the LiveEngage workspace, there are seven hot keys that you can use to save you time. You can view a complete list of the hot keys that are currently available to you by opening the hot keys menu. You can view this menu by holding down the ctrl and tilde keys (CTRL + ~).

You will also see the hot keys appear above the menu items that the are related to.

When the menu is displayed, you can either click on the shortcut that you want to use, or you can press the appropriate character key to perform that shortcut. Here is a list of the shortcuts that you can use:
  • (L) Logout - Allows you to logout of the agent workspace. 
  • (V) Visitor List - Will take you to the visitor list. 
  • (S) Status - Will toggle your status between online, busy, and offline. 
  • (A) Accept Engagement - Allows you to accept incoming chats. 
  • (X) End Engagement - Allows you to end the current engagement. 
  • (T) Transfer Engagement - Allows you to transfer the current engagement to another agent. 
  • (N) Next Engagement - Allows you to respond to the next engagement. 
  • (I) Inactive List - Allows you to view your resolved engagements. 
The end engagement and transfer engagement hot keys are only available during chat. By learning these shortcuts it will allow you to be more efficient and allow you to spend more time focusing on your customers.

This best practice, based on feedback from LiveEngage users, is meant to offer you guidance and to help drive value for your brand.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below.