LiveEngage - Chat Transcript XML Parsing Tool

Today I wanted to share with you a XML Chat Transcript Parsing tool that I created to parse the chat transcripts that you can export from LiveEngage.

Inside LiveEngage, there is no easy way to see/analyze the chat transcripts without going through them one at a time. One of the options that is available to you, is you are able to export the transcripts as a text file or as xml file.

With the tool, you are able to load in these transcripts, and it will parse the information into a data table, which then you can filter to find the information you are looking for. For example, if you only want to look at chats with low CSAT scores, or if you are looking for chats where an agent answered yes to an Agent Survey question, or even if you are looking for a particular visitor’s chat, you can filter the table to only contain this information.

The tool allows you to print out individual chats, export the data to a csv file, or even copy the content of the table.

Besides allowing you to search the transcripts, the tool also offers some reporting that is currently not available in LiveEngage. Here is a list of some of the reports that are currently available:
  • Average Agent Response Time
  • Average Visitor Response Time
  • Average Agent Response Time Per Agent
  • CSAT Reporting 
  • CSAT Reporting By Agent
  • Revenue Reporting (Based On Agent Survey Question)
  • A Map Of Where Your Chats Are Coming From
  • Custom Reports (Choose the questions from your surveys you would like to report on)
If you are interested in checking out the tool, you can find a live version here:

If you are interested in getting a local copy, or forking a copy of the project, you can find the tool on GitHub here:

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below.