AEM Interview Questions Part 8

This is part eight of my AEM interview questions. You find the other parts here:

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Here are some more AEM interview questions that could come up during a technical interview:

QWhat is the Query Builder?

A: The Query Builder API is used will allow you to use the builder to accepts any query description, create and run an XPath query, and filter the result set.

This is useful because it will allow you to search through the whole repository. It can also be used to fine where certain nodes are used.

    Q: How do you move content from one server to another?

    A: You can move content from one server to another in two ways. One way is to using the package manager to create a package of all the content you would like to move. Once this is done, download the package and install it in the new server.

    You can also set up a replication agent to replicate this content to another server./o:p

    Q: Are there any components that you have used in your project that are not relevant to an out of the box component?

    A: This is mostly an experienced based question that is likely to come up in one form or another. Be prepared to discuss these components in full detail by talking about how they functioned, your thought process behind them, etc.

    I plan to add more interview questions to this blog, so make sure to check back.

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