AEM Interview Questions Part 6

This is part six of my AEM interview questions. You find the other parts here:

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Here are some more AEM interview questions that could come up during a technical interview:

Q: What is the difference between Parsys and Iparsys?

A: Parsys is a compound component that lets authors add components of different types to a page and contains all other paragraph components. Iparsys is a paragraph system that will allow to inherit the parent paragraphs from the parent.

Q: Can you restrict certain users from seeing digital assets?

A: Yes, you can restrict access to certain folders in the DAM by using closed user groups. You can do this from the digital assets menu, right click on the folder that you want to add this property to, and click “properties”. Then you go to the CUG tab and add the required information.

Q: What is segmentation?

A: Segmentation is used when you want to target your content towards your sites visitors in order to offer a more personalized site. This is done by analysing and characterizing a visitor’s activity on the website, their profile, and their activity on other websites.

    Q: What is the persistence manager?

    A: The persistence manager is handles the storage of the node/property tree that makes up the structure of the repository. This includes the name and the position of each node and property in the hierarchy. The default persistence manager is the TarPersistenceManager.

    Q: What is a farm file?

    A: A farm file is a file that is used in the configuration of a dispatcher. These are used when you want to break up the configuration file that is used for the dispatcher. They are then added under the “/farms” section in the “dispatcher.any” file.

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