AEM Dialog Conversion Tool

Adobe has recently released a new tool that can extend your existing components dialog that is defined for the classic view and update it to the new Touch UI dialog. The tool will use the original dialog that was built with ExtJS and create a duplicate dialog that is based on the Granite UI.

Even though your classic dialog will work on the Touch UI, it does not have the nice new design that fits in with the Touch UI and it really stands out. If you wanted a new dialog before, you would have to create a new dialog for your component. Now with this new tool, it can be done automatically for you, which will save you time as a developer and allow you to focus elsewhere.

The tool is not perfect and cannot always create a dialog for you. So, you need to verify that your new dialog works correctly and that it meets your needs. It is a great tool that will help you get started with your dialog creation, and will save you time in the long run.

For more information go to the following link: Dialog Conversion Tool